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We can say Car Loans for the sake of brevity, but really it could be a boat, caravan, motorbike or
maybe an asset for your business.  Also includes personal loans for a range of purposes, for example
renovations in instances where home equity is still low.

You can save time and money by allowing me to help you make the best financing decisions.
There is a common misconception that refinancing is only worthwhile for home loans because the
dollar figures involved in consumer finance are much smaller.  The reason this is wrong is because the
range of interest rates in this space is huge and nowhere near as transparent as the mortgage market.

It is very difficult to define a good interest rate because they will vary with a range of factors.
Even when you're told a rate, it may not tell the full story.  The only reliable way to compare deals is by
comparing repayments.

Alarmingly, some car loans are still expressed in terms of "flat interest", which is a sneaky way of
saying that the real rate is approximately double the quoted figure!!
Most consumers will haggle like demons on the ticket price, but accept the finance without questions.
The convenience of 'on-the-spot' finance usually comes at a hefty price.

Maybe you already have a great deal, but what's the harm in checking?
It could be the key to putting a few extra thousands in your pocket.

Weigh up the options
Reap the savings

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